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Update on Sibuya’s Orphan Babies

After the trauma of the last few days we have to look to the future and now start to dwell on the positives.  Binki, Sibuya’s 11 and a half month old calf has been put in a boma with another orphaned older calf. Almost immediately they joined up and started grazing together which led the vet and carers to decide that she should just be left to graze. Although milk was put in a trough for her just in case, she ignored it and so far seems to be doing well without it.

The baby started off well and took to the bottle immediately on arrival at the sanctuary which was a huge relief. However as the sedatives wore off she became very traumatised and stopped drinking. The vet and carers decided to give her more sedative and very fortunately she started drinking from the bottle again.
Fortunately now she is no longer sedated and is accepting her bottle from her surrogate “mum” naturally and without drugs.
This is great news and although not out of the woods we are all cautiously optimistic.


Anti Rhino Poaching – Thermal Drone Project

In order to stay one step ahead of the poachers, Sibuya Rhino Foundation are constantly needing to update their equipment and invest in new technology. Their current project is to purchase a thermal drone. This amazing piece of equipment would enable them to view large areas of the property that wouldn’t normally be accessible by the APU team. It would also pick up any people that may be hiding in the bush using thermal imaging. It has automatic sensors that trigger a message to central APU if a person is spotted by its cameras.

Help Sibuya Game Reserve reach their R 280,000 goal by donating to the Sibuya Rhino Foundation.

This equipment is vital in protecting our amazing rhino from the constant threat of poaching.

Sibuya Game Reserve Latest

CONGRATULATIONS! To both ‘Guide’ Ella and ‘Guide’ Nikki in passing their Practical FAGASA Guiding exams, they’re now fully fledged! Your efforts were rewarded, we’re proud of you both! Sadly Ella is moving on at the end of the month… we’ll miss her terribly but wish her every success in the future and hope that she’ll visit whenever possible.




Our new Rhino calf was observed feeding on his Mother’s dung, much to the disgust of my guests! There is a simple explanation behind this, it’s called Coprophagia! Coprophagia in Latin it means ‘faecal feeder’. This is practiced by different animals for different reasons, but our focus here is on why the baby Rhino was eating his Mother’s dung. Rhinos are hind gut fermenters and need special bacteria to break down the plant matter they feed on. Rhino calves are however not born with these specialized bacteria and need to eat their Mother’s dung before they start feeding on plant matter, in order for their digestive systems to operate properly. Rhino babies will start eating this dung from a few months old until they are about 7 months. So next time you see an animal feeding on dung, there‘s a very good reason behind it!

Baby Rhino feeding on his mothers dung


Dr Alan Whitfield, an Honorary Prof at Rhodes University and an Internationally rated scientist and the recipient of the JD Gilchrist Memorial Medal for contributions to Marine Science in South Africa and his willing team were guests at SIBUYA recently.

He is an expert on Estuaries and came to record data on the Kariega Estuary. The major focus of the study is the endangered and rare ESTUARINE PIPEFISH (Syngnathus watermeyeri) apparently the 8TH MOST ENDANGERED FISH WORLD-WIDE and definitely on ‘The Red List.’ This rare little creature is related to the seahorse and was once thought to be extinct but was found in our Kariega Estuary!

Dr Whitfield and his team of students are studying the population, numbers and condition of the Estuary in the hope of finding a stable community. Eelgrass, which is their habitat, was virtually destroyed by the floods of 2012, so it appears that the population has been severely compromised. Sadly, the study late last year, revealed not a single one! Hopefully with changing conditions and the recovery of the eelgrass, the ESTUARINE PIPEFISH will return.

Good news was that there has been a marked increase in the LONGSNOUT PIPEFISH – a relative, also found in the Kariega Estuary. The SIBUYA staff who were privileged to assist with the research, have volunteered to collect and record samples throughout the year, which will be presented to Dr Whitfield hopefully on his return.

Longsnout Pipefish caught by Dr Whitfield

Dr Whitfield collecting samples


A HERPATOLOGIST is a zoologist who studies reptiles: snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodiles and amphibians: frogs, toads, salamanders and the like. Guide Werner shares this passion, so when a group of eager Herpatologists came to stay at SIBUYA recently to update their records, Werner was in his element! Some of our guests have witnessed his skill when handling snakes – a fascinating but potentially deadly hobby – certainly not for the faint-hearted! The group were extremely excited to record several species not previously recorded in the area.

Werner’s catch – A big Cob

Werner’s passion – A Puffadder!

We have had various International students contributing by working at SIBUYA over the last months and would like to thank them for their efforts in making things run smoothly at both RIVER and FOREST CAMPS… Tiphaine from Paris, Niek from Holland, Johanna and Geraldine from Germany… we appreciate your input and hope your experience with us has been rewarding.

Sean & James

James from Ireland and Sean from South Africa are two FAGASA Students currently doing their 6mths Practical Guiding with us. They can hardly believe the adventures and diversity of their stay at SIBUYA… it’s tough out there guys, but you’re doing a great job and your efforts are truly appreciated! We hope you’ve gathered some memories to last you a life-time and that passion has been ignited!

A huge “THANK YOU!” to every one of our magnificent staff for endless hours of dedicated hard work towards ensuring our guests have a fabulous stay, with exciting adventures and memories to treasure! It’s been an exceptionally busy time and the extreme heat has made it even more challenging than usual!

Superb ratings on Surveys and Awards of Excellence are an indicator that we’re on the right path. Well done guys! We’re currently in the National Finals of yet another award… a great start to 2014… will keep you posted!

To our wonderful guests, we wish you HAPPY DAYS! and look forward to welcoming you back…

Carol and the SIBUYA TEAM

As always thanks again to Chris, Emily and Justin for the use of their wonderful pictures


Your donations are invaluable and are greatly appreciated in helping us to protect our precious rhino.


BuckEye Cam

But our special thanks must go to BuckeyeCam of Athens, Ohio USA for their incredible donation of 10 of their state of the art bush cameras that, along with the 10 we already had, form the backbone of our security surveillance system. These super sophisticated motion detection cameras are bullet proof and are now proven “elephant-proof” after one of our inquisitive bulls decided to investigate this new “toy” in his domain! To all at BuckeyeCam we thank you (on behalf of our rhino) from the bottom of our hearts.



Sibuya Game Reserve

If you are planning an African Safari, or want to stay at a Game Reserve in South Africa, or a Game Reserve near the Garden Route, or are looking for that perfect Game Reserve Wedding Venue, then why not visit Sibuya for that ultimate African Bush Experience! Sibuya is a Malaria Free Game Reserve

Sibuya offers team-building & conferencing programmes for companies or conference groups.

Sibuya Game Reserve News

We bade farewell to Tanya Prinsloo, Ross Christie and Kerrow Miller this year and wished them well in their new ventures.

We are delighted to welcome Mike and Karen Pearson back to the SIBUYA family and look forward to many years of working together. Thank you for choosing to come back to us…

Ella West, who was a student with us last year, opted to stay on as a permanent team member and we take this opportunity to thank her for boundless hours of dedication!

Werner Taljard (Guide) and Nikki Goodall (Cheetah Project and General Assistant) joined us in November and were immediately absorbed into the web as we launched into an extremely busy season.

Kari & Mike Pearson (familiar faces return) | Nikki & Werner (new faces)

Our lives have been made a lot easier as a result of having some international hospitality students to assist us and expand their experience… Joeri Jansen and Sebastian Sap from Holland and Toni Tesauro from USA… we thank you for your energy and input.

As Joeri leaves us,we bid him a fond farewell and welcome a new student from Denmark, Migle Daugnorinti. We hope she enjoys being part of the SIBUYA FAMILY and that she benefits from the experience.

Joeri, Toni and Migle

Joeri and Sebastian

Memorable stays at SIBUYA are made that much more so due to our extremely passionate, committed and hard-working team… many thanks to them all… we couldn’t do it without their combined effort!

Please Note! Yes You Can Help!

Sibuya Rhino Foundation is now up and running!

Your donation will be greatly appreciated in helping us to protect our precious rhino.

For more information please visit our Rhino Foundation and anti-poaching page

Sibuya Game Reserve

Sibuya has recently started team-building & conferencing programmes for companies or conference groups.

If you are planning an African Safari, or want to stay at a Game Reserve in South Africa, or a Game Reserve near the Garden Route, or are looking for that perfect Game Reserve Wedding Venue, then why not visit Sibuya for that ultimate African Bush Experience! Sibuya is a Malaria Free Game Reserve