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Angraecum Pusillum (Dwarf Orchid)

One of the smallest tree orchids (angraecum pusillum) found on Sibuya Рits size is about 5 cm and the size of the flowers is only 3 mm.  Angraecum pusillum is a dwarf orchid.

Photo taken by Chris Ovens

The species distribution is widespread from the southern Cape as far west as Swellendam to Limpopo. The habitat is branches and trunks of trees in deep shade of evergreen forest and scrub, as low as 1 m above the ground.

The small white flowers of Angraecum pusillum grow in several inflorescences from the stem below the leaves. Pusillus means very small in Latin, referring to the flowers.

Flowering happens from spring to early autumn, sometimes all year round.

White-backed vulture

We have had an incredible and rare sighting of a White-backed vulture again on Sibuya this week…and it’s brought along a mate…These vultures are not usually found in this coastal region due to the high winds and lack of thermals – so we and the birding community are very excited!

Photo taken by Ranger Christiaan

Like other vultures it is a scavenger, feeding mostly from carcasses of animals which it finds by soaring over savannah. It also takes scraps from human habitations. It often moves in flocks. It breeds in trees on the savannah of west and east Africa, laying one egg. The population is mostly resident.

Did you know: A number of protected areas in Africa hold populations of white-backed vultures, including Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, a World Heritage Site.