Monthly Archives: June 2016

Three new lion cubs

With all the excitement of the relocation and release of Binky and Courage back home at Sibuya, the rest of the Reserve has received little media attention, but has continued regardless in supplying surprises. One such delightful surprise is three new little lion cubs – which have almost been over-looked! They are approximately 9 weeks old and are only now starting to become more adventurous.


Lion cubs are born defenceless and blind and take much longer to develop than their prey. So at this age, life is all about fun and games – although a normal game of tag or rough and tumble helps to hone their hunting skills for the future. At this age, play fighting provides hours of entertainment and photographic opportunities for those guests lucky enough to see them!

Unusual sighting

A recent unusual sighting of a pair of Puff Adders interacting with each other caused much excitement among the team at Sibuya Bush Lodge. The Puff Adder (Bitis Arietans) is a venomous snake species common in South Africa. They are mostly nocturnal, and solitary, which is why this sighting was so unique. The Puff Adder is one of the few snakes that give birth to live snakes since the egg hatches inside the females body. Mating season occurs normally in Spring when a female snake will produce a pheromone used to attract males. The photographs appear to depict either a display of dominance or a precursor to mating. Males often engage each other in neck to neck combat dances when competing for a female.

Puffadders - Sibuya