Update on Sibuya’s Orphan Babies

After the trauma of the last few days we have to look to the future and now start to dwell on the positives.  Binki, Sibuya’s 11 and a half month old calf has been put in a boma with another orphaned older calf. Almost immediately they joined up and started grazing together which led the vet and carers to decide that she should just be left to graze. Although milk was put in a trough for her just in case, she ignored it and so far seems to be doing well without it.

The baby started off well and took to the bottle immediately on arrival at the sanctuary which was a huge relief. However as the sedatives wore off she became very traumatised and stopped drinking. The vet and carers decided to give her more sedative and very fortunately she started drinking from the bottle again.
Fortunately now she is no longer sedated and is accepting her bottle from her surrogate “mum” naturally and without drugs.
This is great news and although not out of the woods we are all cautiously optimistic.


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