Sibuya Game Reserve in Mourning

Sadly the heartbreak continues for Sibuya Game Reserve as Bingo died at 6.30 pm yesterday.
The day after he was downed (Thursday), the Vet noticed a white discolouration in his right eye – something seen before in similar cases and it is thought caused by the blood pressure building up from being down for so long. Unfortunately what we didn’t know was that by Friday night he had gone blind in both eyes and during the night he stumbled down the hill and into the Estuary. When we found him he was in the water in deep mud with a sheer cliff behind him. It was obvious that he had been struggling to try and get up the steep bank but kept slipping back into the mud. We spent the entire day putting rocks and branches around him to give him a foothold in the mud and cutting away at the bank so he could hopefully walk out. Sadly, although he managed to get out of the river a couple of times, he could not see the pathway despite our coaxing, calling and even prodding. By 6 o clock, with the day fading and the tide coming in, it was achingly clear that he had run out of strength, unable to help himself any longer and was about to drown in the rising water. The terrible devastating decision was taken to put him to sleep and save him further agony, fear and suffering.

During the day I had a call from reception to say that a man was there sobbing and asking what he could to do help and at least could he please make a donation. The Receptionist said it was so tough for them as they hadn’t seen a grown man cry before… well as Bingo drifted off, there wasn’t a dry eye from the Vet to the toughest APU member at the scene. After days of almost breaking down emotionally, the final loss of our beloved Bingo was just too much to bear.

RIP Bingo – all who have met you have been blessed by the experience. I am so sorry that there was so much pain and suffering in the end, but please know we were always only trying to do what we thought was best for you.

Your loving Sibuya family who have found joy in your majesty.


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