Black-backed jackal

Black-backed Jackals are a widely distributed species that are known for their cunning and daring, and regularly seen on Sibuya Game Reserve. They are often seen nipping in to steal a morsel from Lions on a kill. Mainly nocturnal but seen regularly during the day, this handsome animal has a call to remember. The Black-backed Jackal feeds on small mammals, reptiles, birds, eggs, carrion and fruit. They do scavenge but are hunters in their own right.

This very young Jackal pup sits virtually under its mother on one of its earliest ‘out of the den experiences’. A very lucky daytime sighting! Jackals are known to form strong family units and pair for life.


1 – 6 (rarely 9) young are born from July – October after a gestation period of about 2 months.

Spoor Description

Neat, small, dog-like tracks 5 cm long.


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