[Video] The Last Stand – Sibuya Rhino Foundation

On the Ground with South Africa’s Anti-Poaching Units!
by Angie Raab

edit: Jeremy Scott Foster
photos: Clare James, Angie Raab

Haunted eyes and fatigue etch their faces and exhaustion resounds in their voice. Why would someone risk their life everyday as the last barrier between the poachers ravaging Africa’s rhino population and the rhino itself?

It’s the love for South Africa, a country with a uniqueness that spans from the Black Rhino in Kruger National Park to the breaching whales along their endless coastline. It’s the love for the gentle giants and the diverse wildlife roaming more types of terrain than your camera could handle.

The Anti-Poaching Units (APU) in South Africa battle immense humidity and heat during the summer season and brave through storms, rain and the cold in the winter months. Long days and nights result in a lack of sleep, no private life and long, gruesome weeks or months away from loved ones. It’s relentless, and takes its toll on both relationships and the soul.

I accompanied the men of one of the teams of the Sibuya Game Reserve to experience their work and spread the word of their fight to protect the remaining rhino and other African wildlife.

Click here to read the entire article.

Please take a minute and watch this trailer to the documentary “The last Stand”, showing the work of Sibuya Rhino Foundation


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