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Birding on Sibuya Game Reserve

There are many magnificent migrants in residence at the moment. A small flock of WHITE STORKS (Ciconia ciconia) have settled on the plains at Edendale and lately have been sharing an abundant supply of grasshoppers with AMUR FALCONS (Falco amurensis), BLACK-SHOULDERED KITES (Elanus caeruleus), a pair of SECRETARYBIRDS (Sagittarius serpentarius) and even a couple of EUROPEAN ROLLERS (Coracias garrulous).




Passing one of the small dams while out on Game Drive a couple of months ago, one of my guests noticed that for the past two days, a SOUTH AFRICAN SHELDUCK (Tadorna cana) had been sitting in the exact same spot. It was up to me to try and explain why this monogamous (pair for life) beautiful dull grey-headed bird was sitting there, without its mate. Being new to the Eastern Cape, I was not too acquainted with this species and explained that this could probably be the female (forgetting that it is actually the male that has the duller grey head in this species) and that there was a chance that her mate might have died due to age or predation. One of my soft-hearted guests burst into tears, feeling sorry for the duck that was seemingly forever waiting for its mate to return. The next day, the guest requested that we go back again for an update to see what had happened…sadly, there ‘she’ sat on her vigil, which precipitated another flood of tears! Luckily I work with an expert birder, Mike, and upon discussing this with him, I was glad that he could tell me that this was in fact NOT a female but a male. During early summer, the female would probably be sitting on eggs… so that was the more likely scenario. It was rewarding for me to see that some people are still so caring about animals and that they feel so deeply for them. My soft-hearted teary-eyed guest was very pleased to receive an email from me, up-dating her on the happy ending: a few short weeks later there were two proud parents with 7 beautiful fluffy ducklings!



On a recent game drive we spotted a beautiful JACKAL BUZZARD (Buteo Rufofuscus) perched on a nearby tree. I stopped the vehicle so my guests could get a good look at this beautiful bird. No sooner had I stopped than the Buzzard took off and went into a purposeful glide down to the ground. As the Buzzard hit the ground I immediately saw the spread hood of a CAPE COBRA. A battle ensued and it looked like the Buzzard was going to win this one, but it then decided to fly off with the snake and the odds changed. As it took off with the snake dangling a good three-quarters of a meter down from the bird’s talons, the snake got tangled in a low bush and was ripped out of the bird’s grasp and made good its escape. One snake-lover on my vehicle was pleased with the outcome, while the rest were sad that the Buzzard had lost his meal.

Sibuya Game Reserve

If you are planning an African Safari, or want to stay at a Game Reserve in South Africa, or a Game Reserve near the Garden Route, or are looking for that perfect Game Reserve Wedding Venue, then why not visit Sibuya for that ultimate African Bush Experience! Sibuya is a Malaria Free Game Reserve

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The Sibuya Summer of 2014

WHEW! It’s been HOT ‘n HUMID!!! Some days the temperature has been hovering in the low 40s with humidity at 96%… Sweltering!

We’ve had a wonderful couple of months at SIBUYA except for the fact that there hasn’t been much rain and the dams are shrinking fast in the incredible heat we’ve been having.

The Christmas Season was extremely busy with the weather being fantastic for all holiday-makers. Sibuya Catering laid on a feast of note for Christmas lunch and Ella and her team created a wonderful display to celebrate the Festive Season.

There are a large variety of magnificent butterflies everywhere at this time of the year, all busily flitting along doing ‘butterfly-business’. Extremely challenging to photograph but beautiful to look at as they sail by, are the MOCKER SWALLOWTAIL (Papilio dardanus cenea) and the GREEN-BANDED SWALLOWTAIL (Papilio nireus lyaeus) seen below feeding on the nectar of the Weeping Bride’s Bush.

Mocker Swallowtail

Green-Banded Swallotail

Many adorable babies have been born over the entire Reserve … zebra, impala, giraffe, buffalo, waterbuck and rhino (the 7th male calf in a row!) to name but a few. The baby elephant is still a favourite among guests as he’s always full of antics and even loves to mock-charge the Game Drive Vehicles.

A close second is the latest baby rhino, who also seems to love performing for his audience. Great video footage and some good laughs have been had by all!

Dinky Giraffe

Baby Rhino Playing

King of the Castle

Sibuya Game Reserve

If you are planning an African Safari, or want to stay at a Game Reserve in South Africa, or a Game Reserve near the Garden Route, or are looking for that perfect Game Reserve Wedding Venue, then why not visit Sibuya for that ultimate African Bush Experience! Sibuya is a Malaria Free Game Reserve

Sibuya offers team-building & conferencing programmes for companies or conference groups.

Wilderness veteran’s football tournament, South Africa

Known as the Wilderness veteran’s football tournament due to its long association with the Wilderness/George area, South Africa, this tournament was established by the Wilderness Karos Protea Hotel which is located in the Wilderness along the Garden route. The purpose of the tournament was to bring together veteran football teams from both Cape Town and Port Elizabeth to a central point on the Garden route to compete in an annual tournament.

In 2004 SA Sports Tours took over this event with a vision of transforming it from a low key regional kick about into a top quality international football tournament which would attract entries from veteran teams based all around the country and overseas. An event where older players could come and play competitively on excellent surfaces making use of quality match balls. Further to this the introduction of ball boys, the selection of an All Stars side and the addition of various prizes has seen the tournament grow in popularity to the point where apart from the Cape and PE sides it currently attracts a number of teams from as far afield as Johannesburg and Durban.

The format allows for 12 teams to compete in two groups of 6 with cross group playoffs and a final. Teams arrive on the Friday and play two games under lights that night with the balance of their round robin fixtures being played over the following day (Saturday). Games are shortened to 15 minutes a half and points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 for scoreless draw
  • 2 for a goal draw
  • 3 for win
  • Bonus points for goals scored.

The top two sides in each group qualify for the semifinals and the two winners meet in a final.  A floating trophy is awarded to the winners together with gold medals while the losing finalists receive silver medals. Prizes are awarded to the top goal scorer and the player of the tournament and selectors are on hand to choose the All Star team which is considered to be the best performing eleven players over the duration of the weekend. Players need to be turning 40 years or older during the year of the tournament while each team is allowed to register 3 over 35 year old players.

Apart from the amateur players who continue to enjoy playing well into their fifties and beyond a number of ex professional players with long distinguished careers have also graced this event.  Players such as Mark Williams (Bafana), Pat van den Howe (Everton, Spurs), George van der Burgh (Ajax CT), Carlos das Neves (Hellenic), John Goodwin (Santos) & Gavin lane (Pirates).

This is a wonderful tournament that brings people of all cultures together with the simple aim of playing football for the fun of it.  Players come from all walks of life, attorneys, doctors, business owners and factory workers. Looking ahead, our aim is to provide an event that players will continue to look forward to with great anticipation year after year. An event which excites and motivates the individual to keep playing and to stay fit.

SA Sports Tours

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