Sport and Cultural Tours to South Africa

SA Sports Tours is a sports tour operator, specializing in both international inbound tours into South Africa and international outbound tours from South Africa, offering sport, cultural and historical tours to schools, clubs and other groups. They provide custom tours for schools looking to tour internationally with either sports or cultural groups and also handle all the travel arrangements for international schools and clubs coming into South Africa. They are a SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association) bonded company and can offer you 10 years’ experience in customized group travel in the tourism industry. School tours form the core of their business with annual international hockey tours to Holland proving to be the most popular of the outbound tours.

With years of experience, they are aware of the time, logistics and the pressures that accompany international group travel. As a result their services include customized itineraries to suit your schools specific requirements in terms of group size, accommodation, transport, meals, excursions, training sessions and the strength of the opposition for the tour match fixtures. They also assist with flights, visa applications and insurance needs to make your trip as hassle free as possible.

SA Sports Tours will provide you with an affordable, all inclusive, quality tour to a local or international destination of your choice – contact them now for an itinerary estimate.


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