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The last couple of months of Summer have been graced with a profusion of magnificent colourful BUTTERFLIES, flitting, sailing and swooping among the shrubs and flowers. The tiny SPOTTED SAILER (Neptis saclava marpessa) proving to be an easy photographic target as its flight is slow and it settles on wet earth and fermenting plant matter on the forest floor. A variety of large, showy swallowtails … CITRUS SWALLOWTAIL (Papilio demodicus demodicus), MOCKER SWALLOWTAIL (Papilio dardanus cenea), and the GREEN BANDED SWALLOWTAIL (Papilio wireus lyaeus) were a common sight daily but proved to be more challenging to photograph as their swift dancing flight made one into a clumsy, not often successful pursuer!

A Familiar Sight – The Citrus Swallowtail feeding on Plumbago nectar

A Mocker Swallowtail

Common Dotted Border


The Tortoise and the Electric Fence

One morning at the end of March I was driving into RIVER CAMP and had to pass through an electric gate. At the gate I noticed that the electric fence was shorting and looking around, I noticed a big LEOPARD TORTOISE (Geochelone pardalis)… the biggest I have ever come across… caught in the bottom wires of the fence. The tortoise had got stuck between two wires, one touching the front of the shell and the other touching the back. I didn’t know how long it had been there but knowing the strength of the electric fence, I thought it would probably be dead but still had a little hope as I saw what I thought was some foot movement. Heading straight to River Camp I collected Sydney and together we went back up to the electric gate to try and make a plan to remove the tortoise. Luckily we had a few plastic cooler boxes on the back of the truck and using one of the lids, Sydney thought he could push the tortoise back through the two wires. As soon as he touched the stranded creature, it started making a deep, hoarse hissing sound and we were hugely relieved to discover for certain that it was still alive! This made us even more determined to save it and eventually Sydney managed to push it far enough so that only one wire was touching the shell. By lifting the last electric wire with the lid, we were able to pull the tortoise free. We released it far away from the fence into some long lush grass. Feeling very relieved, we stood and watched it move slowly away to freedom.

The Rescued Leopard Tortoise

Fishing in the KARIEGA RIVER has been extremely fruitful and guests have feasted on their own freshly caught fish and MUD CRABS (Scylla serrate)… see our FACEBOOK SITE FOR CHRIS’ RECIPE FOR CRAB AND PRAWN CURRY!!

A mighty fine catch – Fresh Cob for dinner

Hearty congratulations to Sarah and Phil Daniels from the UK who honoured us by choosing to get married at SIBUYA in February (see the photograph and comments on our Facebook)

Thank you for choosing us to host your very special day. We wish you love and happiness forever and look forward to your return visit!

The SIBUYA FAMILY said a sad farewell to our Dutch student at the end of February. Thank you for your vitality and dedication Sebastian…and also of course, a few good parties! We wish you luck with your career and hope that one day you will return. Migle from Denmark and Kelyn (Kel) Hofmeyr finish their term with us at SIBUYA at the end of April… we thank you both for your input and hard work and hope you’ll be happy wherever you go… please return to see us one day!

Memorable sunsets make for memorable stays

Memorable stays at SIBUYA are made that much more so due to our extremely passionate, committed and hard-working team…many thanks to them all… we couldn’t do it without their combined effort!



Your donation will be greatly appreciated in helping us to protect our precious rhino. For more information please visit the Sibuya Rhino Foundation & Anti-Poaching page.

To all you lovely people who have visited us at SIBUYA, we wish you “HAPPY DAYS!” and look forward to welcoming you here again soon!

Best wishes from Carol and the SIBUYA TEAM.

Many thanks to Chris Ovens and Justin for the use of their stunning pics.

Sibuya Game Reserve

Sibuya has recently started team-building & conferencing programmes for companies or conference groups.

If you are planning an African Safari, or want to stay at a Game Reserve in South Africa, or a Game Reserve near the Garden Route, or are looking for that perfect Game Reserve Wedding Venue, then why not visit Sibuya for that ultimate African Bush Experience! Sibuya is a Malaria Free Game Reserve


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