Bird Watching in the Eastern Cape

The  European Rollers (Coracias garrulus) have been in evidence in various parts of Sibuya, flashing down from conspicuous perches to feast on various insects, frogs & lizards. Their rather sluggish habits obliging guests with ideal photographic opportunities. These beautiful Palaearctic migrants  will soon be winging it back to Europe, the Middle East or Asia where they’ll breed & rest before hopefully heading back on their incredible journey to South Africa… arriving again in Mid-December.

European Roller

Guests at River Camp were fascinated by a unique experience… a breeding pair of Green Wood-Hoopoes (Phoeniculus purpureus) who made their nest in a hole in a dead tree stump adjacent to the Lapa deck. Guests could literally have a “bird’s eye view” of the daily proceedings. These loud-cackling gregarious birds provided an endless show as they busily fed their young or warded off guests who got too close or nosy! The group (usually 3-9),  generally includes only one breeding pair who are loudly assisted by the other members… sometimes even the young of previous broods… a real family affair! The loud cackling, starting off slowly, then rising to a crescendo with several birds in unison bobbing back & forth was a spectacular experience. This loud display earning them the name of “Intlekibafazi” (Laughter of Women) in both Zulu & Xhosa.

Green Wood-Hoopoe

Sibuya Game Reserve

Birding enthusiasts can take a boat or canoe up the estuary to search for some of the 6 varieties of local kingfisher. Or head downstream to the beach to see the multitude of waders, terns and gulls. A walk in the pristine thicket forest is the best way to see the shy Narina Trogon and every game drive reveals a host of raptors from the common buzzards to the more rare Bateleur, Crowned Eagle or Fish Eagles. Night drives are made special by the numbers and varieties of owls and nightjars caught in the spot light.

If you are planning an African Safari, or want to stay at a Game Reserve in South Africa, or a Game Reserve near the Garden Route, or are looking for that perfect Game Reserve Wedding Venue, then why not visit Sibuya for that ultimate African Bush Experience! Sibuya is a Malaria Free Game Reserve


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