Monthly Archives: January 2012

Wild African Flowers

As a result of the wonderful rains, the PLUMBAGO & CAPE HONEYSUCKLE are still looking quite spectacular but there are also a mass of other less showy flowers to delight the flora enthusiast.

During April we came across a number of CANDELABERA FLOWERS (Brunsvigia Radulosa) while out on game drive. This bulbous herb has one spectacular pink inflorescence which bears between 30-60 brightly coloured flowers. Continue reading

The Black-Headed Heron

The Black-Headed Heron (ARDEA MELANOCEPHALA) belongs to the same family group as a number of other Herons, Egrets & Bitterns.

Ardea Melanocephala

Herons are common at SIBUYA & may therefore be overlooked but they are a wonderful sight as they stalk regally across the landscape or pose for long minutes with their snake-like neck poised at the ready for the kill. Perfect, graceful specimens for the avid photographer! Continue reading